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Anna Matisak

Education / Training:
Fav Word:
5-min Lesson:
Wordsmith aka Marketing Strategist & Producer
BA in English Lit, MFA in Creative Writing
Surya Namaskar aka Sun Salutation

I used to sell vintage clothes, sling booze, and prepare legal documents - occasionally, at the same time.  However, my formal training is really in communications and theory, and books, basically.  Even still, my career quickly evolved those skills and applied them to various roles.  Starting in public relations, I ended up having a knack for consumer marketing and strategy - that’s what brought me to Pixel Planet. That and my dazzling wits and personality, of course.


My favorite color is indigo. I follow the moon phases.  I like most foods, as long as they don’t contain cilantro, my favorite TV show is Northern Exposure, and I’m super chatty. 

In my free time, I enjoy live music, reading, hiking (or generally being outside), adventuring in our van (the less creepy kind), practicing yoga, hanging with my family, and taking classes in things that have nothing to do with work, but fuel my inspiration.  

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