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Brandon Dohner

Education / Training:
Fav Word:
5-min Lesson:
Fix-it-in-Post aka VFX Artist & Motion Designer
BA in Digital Media, Ohio University
How to shoot a lay-up

“Fix it in post” is an on-set cliché. Ideally, everything will be correct on-set and in camera.  But, when you want to fix a shot or add something to it after the fact, that's where I come in.

My specialty is compositing seamless visual effects and making stunning motion graphics. I do a bit of everything on the post production side from editing and sound design to character animation.


When I’m not performing magic tricks on the computer, there is a good chance you’ll catch me at a Cavs game or watching another Cleveland sporting event.

Some of my other favorite things in Cleveland are pickup volleyball at Whiskey Island, comedy shows at Hilarities, and trying new restaurants. I also enjoy walks around Edgewater with Paco, who you’re likely to see around the office, along with my award winning* bobblehead collection.

* Winner at 2020 Pixel Planet Rocket Awards

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