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Pixel Planet COVID-19 POLICIES:

Active Projects:

1) All projects in post-production, including projects that use existing footage, motion graphics, and 3D animation, will continue forward as planned. All Pixel Planet employees have moved active projects and their workstations home to work remotely.

2) All pre-production, including creative, scripting, storyboarding, and other planning logistics, will move forward as planned.

3) All active projects will have new Pixel Planet team members added to them, so that in the event that one of us gets ill, other team members are capable of carrying the project forward.

4) Live-action shoots will be sensibly rescheduled based on the information available to everyone.


Services that will still be available via our Pandemic-Proof Pipeline! (trademark pending): 

1) This is a great time to leverage motion graphics and animation for clients. While other companies may not be able to film live-action content, we will still be able to provide new and engaging content that may be extra beneficial to clients in the event that the majority of the population is quarantined and endlessly scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. Ideal content for these would include PSA’s from companies informing the public on the status of their product/service, explainer videos, re-branding content, repurposing existing footage or content, and product/service animations. 

2) Discussions of new and upcoming projects— including creative development and other planning— will still be available during this time.


3) Product tabletop photography and videography. If we are able to get the product in our hands, we will have a smaller filming space available to us where we can capture imagery of products on multiple surfaces, including white cyc, concrete, and wood textures.

We wish everyone the best as we move through this situation together.

-The Pixel Planet Team

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