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Eric Anderle

Education / Training:
Fav Word:
5-min Lesson:
FX Jedi aka 3D Generalist
Ohio University & YouTube — Mostly YouTube at this point
Awesome — I use this word too much
How to do something the wrong way

Hi I’m Eric Anderle, the co-founder of Pixel Planet Studios. My utility belt includes 3d animation, motion graphics, vfx, and video editing…and several $1 coins I’m trying to get rid of.

As a 3D artist I’ve journeyed from MODO to Cinema 4D and now to Blender. (Power to the free-to-play-model.) Our 3D projects include product renderings, explainer videos, medical animations and architectural visualizations. Outside of the commercial applications of 3D, I really enjoy experimenting with simulations and vfx tools like fluids and rigid body dynamics. 
Most of my inspiration comes from playing video games and watching films, animations and commercials.  My first love is tacos and 3D is second.


Taco Bell if you are reading this, bring back the triple steak stack. Please and thank you.

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