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Top Three Tips to Maximize your 2023 Video Content Budget

Feeling pressure to cut your 2023 marketing budget?

Here’s a few quick tips to maximize your budget, so that you can make your video content go further!

Tip 1: Fix it in Pre-Production

Every video project is unique. Strategic pre-pro starts by getting to know you, your budget, and your brand story. From there we move into figuring out your overall objectives and work with you to develop a plan that makes it happen, while staying within your budget. This applies to both live action and animation based videos. We make sure to solve any potential problems upfront, so we can focus time and resources on getting you the content you need. it's worth spending more budget on pre production to ensure the project timeline, budget, and vision stay true to your vision.

Mini Case Study:

A local realtor, Theresa Seese, came to us with challenge: Create two story-based TV spots with just a single day of shooting. We accepted, and developed a concept in pre-production that would allow us to reuse each shot setup for both spots, but still have an entirely different target audience-- one for buying a new home, and the other for selling.

They'd work as standalone spots, and if paired together, would tell an even more intricate story. This allowed us to save time on-set by minimizing our time spent lighting and blocking each shot, and gave us some pretty impressive results in the end. Check them out below!

Newlyweds Spot

Downsizing Spot

Tip 2: Serialize Content

Consider serialized content to make your budget stretch further. This includes making the most of a production day, which gives you the ability to produce more finished videos. This type of optimization works best with talking heads, talent with a teleprompter, product demonstrations, or even simpler TV spots and product videos. It also works with serialized motion graphics or explainer videos to produce more content with less budget. So you can increase your overall content output and maximize your messaging.

Tip 3: Refresh Your Graphics

If you’ve ever sold a house before, you know that a new coat of paint goes a long way. Updating graphics, product shots of newer models, facility upgrades, changes in key staff, and more can help extend the life of your existing videos. And to help with that, every project we’ve ever worked on is backed up and ready to be opened at a moment’s notice!

In summary, 2023 is the time for authenticity with customers. No need to totally revamp your messaging - stick with what you know works: The core brand stories that your customers identify with - but find new ways to deliver it.

Feel free to reach out to us and we can help get creative with what we know works!

Happy Holidays :)

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