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GScatter FREE Add-on for Blender Tutorial

Want to creating a 3D scene with an environment with lots of details? Whether it’s a stylized or realistic world, you're going to need anything from grass, trees and debris to decals, rocks, fries or even sprinkles. You could place each one of these by hand or if you prefer efficiency (like I do), the best way to place these details is through scattering!

There are several ways to do this, especially using Blender, but one free and simple way, is using the Gscatter add-on from

And did I mention it's a free add-on? Like totally FREE.

With as few as four clicks, you can scatter any custom object onto the surface of another.

Candyland? Done.

Forest? Pow!

Does your beverage need to look more satisfying? No problem!

Whatever you're designing, I recommend learning this free tool. Even if you have another scatter add-on, this might be more useful in some cases. Check out the above tutorial to see it in action.

If you need high quality grass and forest assets. Graswald3D currently has two very realistic asset libraries you can purchase and use seamlessly with their Gscatter add-on.

And don't forget to subscribe and let us know what you'd like to see next.

Thanks for reading!

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