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Mesh Tracking in Mocha Pro

Mocha Pro is an industry standard planar tracking and visual effects software. A few years ago, Boris FX introduced Mesh Tracking in Mocha Pro. So, why is mesh tracking important?

Mesh tracking in Mocha Pro is a technique used to track irregular surfaces, such as faces or clothing, by creating a mesh of individual points that follow the contours of the surface. This mesh is then tracked over time, based on the surface's movement.

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Once the mesh has been created, it can be tracked over time using Mocha Pro's planar tracking algorithms. These algorithms use a combination of pixel-based and geometric-based tracking to accurately track the movement of the mesh over time. The resulting track can be used for various visual effects applications (in our case, After Effects), such as replacing the surface with a different image or applying texture or color correction.

One of the advantages of using mesh tracking in Mocha Pro is its ability to track complex surfaces with a high degree of accuracy. For example, a face with complex expressions and movements can be tracked using a mesh of points that follows the contours of the face. This allows for more accurate and natural-looking visual effects, such as applying makeup or changing facial features.

Another advantage of mesh tracking is its ability to handle occlusions and partial views of the surface being tracked. Because the mesh is made up of individual points that follow the contours of the surface, it can still be tracked even if some parts of the surface are hidden or partially obscured.

Mesh tracking is not available in Mocha AE (the free version inside of After Effects). For the right project, I'd recommend buying Mocha Pro or getting a license for the month.

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