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Intro to Flip Fluid Training Series - Third and Final

^^ Don't worry, more advanced tutorials are incoming!

Today we are covering the different force field objects in the FLIP Fluids add-on for Blender.

  • Curve Force

  • Point Force

  • Volume Force

  • Surface Force

Knowing each of these types will help you better curate your fluid simulations and bring benefits to your commercial and film productions, providing realistic representations of water, oil, and smoke. Additionally, 3D fluid simulations can save time and money in production by providing a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional special effects methods.

This is our last tutorial in the “Intro to Flip Fluids” series for Blender. Coming up we will be moving to more advanced concepts and project-based tutorials for Blender.

Please let us know what types of projects or effects you’d be interested in learning.



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