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Flip Fluid Training Series - Part One

Due to the great response from my first Flip Fluids tutorial, we are very excited to announce a free training series on the Flip Fluids Add-on for Blender.

If you’re a 3D generalist (like me), specialize in other 3D animation aspects, are a motion graphics designer, or a VFX artist — I recommend learning this add-on. It is a fully featured and affordable fluid dynamic plugin for Blender. Even if you primarily use other 3D applications, you can easily simulate and export your fluid and particle data to other softwares.

Enough rambling — just see for yourself! Part one of the series covers:

  1. The fundamental fluid objects and how they interact with each other

  2. How the add-on functions and how it can be manipulated

  3. An example project to show you the process from start to finish.

Enjoy! And let us know in the comments if you have any questions or thoughts on the series. (I do my best to answer all relevant questions).

Coming up next in the series we explain world settings, force fields, advanced whitewater particle settings, and some VERY cool practical examples along the way!

So fuel up with your Taco Bell item of choice, and let’s get started!

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