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Apple iPad for Directing

Curious about the benefits of using an iPad Pro 11 inch for directing a video?

We're always looking for tech (and the occasional life hack) that can lead to increased efficiency in the video production world. I mean, we're busy - so anything that can save time in pre-production, on set, and even ramp up productivity - we're game.

Pixel Planet launched a new YouTube series that highlights various facets of video production and post-production, some tips, maybe a few tricks, definitely some tech, and most likely dinosaurs. It's called - Pixel Bytes. Get pumped.

This first Pixel Byte episode highlights why Director Anthony Carabotta pretty much exclusively uses his Apple iPad Pro for directing these days.

See above video.

If you're having a TL;DW kind-of-day, no judgement here.

The answer is - yes. There are benefits to using the Apple iPad Pro on production days instead of that clunky laptop. Anthony's top reasons:

  • the iPad Pro is lightweight & portable

  • it's a great reference guide (like carrying around a stack of encyclopedias)

  • all of your documents are ready for use (scripts, shot lists, emails, etc.)

  • LIDAR is a dope tool for location scouting (and more)

  • apps & more apps

  • it's a super handy sales tool (show a gallery of recent work)

  • emergency teleprompter

Make sure to subscribe to the Pixel Planet YouTube Channel - so we can be real friends.

And reach out to us with any questions, comments or suggestions for future content.

Cheers, ya'll.

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