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Mac vs. PC: which is the ideal video production powerhouse?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Are you plagued by the age-old question of Mac vs. PC?

Does wondering if you just spent thousands of dollars on your computer keep you up at night?

Do you like the look and sleek style of the Mac, but customizability of the PC, but just don't know which is more important?

Some folks are team PC, some team Mac, while some like both. But what about Mac vs. PC for video editing and post-production?

These are questions that are not taken lightly. I mean - style IS important (IMO). When is comes to which is actually better? Well, it's a case nobody has yet been able to crack.

In this newly-released Pixel Byte, lead investigator, Anthony Carabotta, takes the viewer on a riveting journey into which operating system, PC or Mac, is better for video production.

You don't have to take his word for it. He's lined up some leading professional talent to answer the question that haunts so many in the video production world.

It's a deep-dive into video post-production that you don't want to miss. A 100% serious fact-finding mission and has nothing to do with opinions.

I'm totally playing - it's all Pixel Planet crew talking about their personal preferences. But you should watch it because they make solid arguments on both sides, and their opinions are valid, as they really are industry professionals. Plus it's a good video and will probably solicit a giggle or two.

tl;dw: Mac wins, technically. But - the true outcome is inconclusive and illusive. Nobody will ever know the truth.

Brandon - PC

John - PC

Anthony - Mac

Eric - Mac

Anna - Mac (what is this PC you speak of?)

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And reach out to us with any questions, comments or suggestions for future content.

Peace out, ya'll.


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