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Text Buddy: Another Free After Effects Tool

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Brandon released another After Effects tool for free download, Text Buddy. And as promised, I got the scoop before anyone else. This is the second free After Effects tool that Brandon created, and it seems like maybe he's got a knack for this? The feedback has been really positive, and honestly, these tools seem to make many an After Effects users' lives much easier.

Tell me, Brandon, who needs Text Buddy and why?

I think any Adobe After Effects user can find Text Buddy to be very useful. It's an automation tool that's great for repetitive tasks. For example, if you’re bringing in information from Excel and you want words to automatically space correctly, or if you’re building an Essential Graphic for Premiere Pro.

Basically, anyone attaching two (or more) text layers to each other that want to automate it rather than manually move layers, can really save time with Text Buddy.

Do you foresee more tool development in the future?

Yes! We recently released Opacity Buddy, which is another great tool for saving time. And, I'm super excited about Text Lasso, which will be released later this month.

Can you use any or all of these tools together?

Absolutely. All of these tools can be used at the same time. I’m probably most excited for people to use Text Buddy and Text Lasso together. They’re going to be a dynamic duo.

So, what's the future for Text Buddy?

Of all the tools, I think there is the most potential to grow Text Buddy. There are a few stipulations, including having the text left justified, that I go over in the video. Ideally, I want to expand the options, including snapping layers from right to left. Also, text stacking from top to bottom could be really useful as well.

It may sound like a cliché in the video when I say I want to hear from you, but I'm being totally serious. Your feedback and requests for features are important for figuring out what to develop for a V2. So don't be shy, please!

Basically, Brandon wants to hear from you. He loves a good coffee and chat. So feel free to leave comments below or on the video page.

You can find the free Text Buddy download HERE. Keep an eye out for Text Lasso in the coming weeks!

And, subscribe to the Pixel Planet YouTube Channel - so we can be real friends.

Laters, ya'll.


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